For safety and security reasons, from 2019, devotees who are taking part in the Firewalking Festival will be required to register with their contact details at the temple. This will allow the organisers to have a complete database of all our participants for the event. Information collected will facilitate quick identification and assistance to be rendered, when required.

The following personal data will be collected during registration:

Name, Last 4 characters of NRIC, Date of Birth and Contact Details of Participant and their Next-of-Kin (Email/ Tel No).

Where to Register

  1. Male devotees
    • Sri Mariamman Temple: Friday, 20/09/19 to Sunday, 20/10/19 till 3pm
    • Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: Sunday, 20/10/19 between 3:30pm to 6:30pm
  2. Female devotees
    • Sri Mariamman Temple: Friday, 20/09/19 to Saturday, 19/10/19
    • Mosque Street: Sunday, 20/10/19 from 10pm to Monday, 21/10/19 till 2am

Devotees are encouraged to register early to avoid the last-minute rush.

When you register

  1. Fill-in your particulars on the e-Form
  2. Female Devotees please select the timeslot/ batch number
  3. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. Make the Payment
  5. Collect your QR code/ print out
  6. Check that you have received a print out or Email and/or SMS with details and the QR Code

After Registration
Please retain the print out or E-mail or SMS message received for verification on day of participation.

On the day of Firewalking Festival

  1. Male Devotees
    • Show your QR code (printed paper copy or in message sent to phone immediately after registration)
    • Proceed to collect your paper wristband indicating that you are a registered participant at the allocated counters in either Pagoda Street next to Sri Mariamman Temple (10am -3pm) or Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple (3:30pm-6:30pm)
    • Put on the wristband immediately. This should not be removed till after you have crossed the firepit
    • Proceed to the designated area to tie your Kanganam by the Priests
  2. Female Devotees
    • Registration will be at Mosque Street from 10pm to 2am (Monday, 21 October 2019)
    • Bring along your printed copy of the receipt issued immediately after registration
    • Proceed to tie Kanganam at Pagoda Street next to Sri Mariamman Temple from 11pm to 2am (Monday, 21 October 2019)
    • Those who arrive earlier may wait in the holding area until tying of Kanganam
    • Participants will be invited in batches according to the time-slot that they have booked

For any queries and additional information please refer to the website, or contact the Sri Mariamman Temple office at 6223 4064.

  1. Angaprathatchanam is for male devotees only.

  2. Paalkudam, Kumbiduthandam & Angaprathatchanam will be allowed only during stipulated periods as stated herein.

  3. Devotees will not be allowed to offer Maavilakku on their body.

  4. Children below 16 years of age and female devotees are not permitted to walk on the firepit. Male devotees between 16 years of age and below 21 years of age will require parental/ guardian consent.

  5. For safety reasons, devotees will not be allowed to carry and cross the firepit with sembu (milkpots), garlands of any sizes, walking sticks, or be wearing spikes, anklets or any other objects.

  6. Excuse letter for uniformed personnel will be issued from 20/ 09/ 2019 onwards (8.00am to 10.00am & 7.00pm to 9.00pm) upon presentation of uniform services identity card or letter requested by the organisation.

  7. Musical instruments other than those arranged by the Temple are not allowed within the Temple and along the Karagam procession route.

  8. Whipping of “Chattai” for all devotees is strictly not allowed in SMT, SSPT & Karagam procession route.

  9. Female devotees are not allowed to accompany the Karagam Procession

  10. Devotees with medical conditions are advised to consult their physician to determine their suitability to walk on fire. Eg. Diabetics, heart patients, etc.

  11. Devotees involved in firewalking are kindly requested to be clad in yellow or safron coloured outfit.

  12. Footwear is not permitted within the Temple.